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How to Write Plagiarism Free Writing

Plagiarism is known as the approach of using one’s ideology or concept available in any form and re-using it without making major or any modifications. This is considered to be idea theft and patent related issues arise due to these kinds of activities. Plagiarism can be broadly classified into two categories i) Content plagiarism ii) Concept plagiarism
i) Content plagiarism
Plagiarism in content refers to the usage of same contextual phrases which has already been used or written in any other descriptive format. This method is followed by people who are incapable of producing or reproducing a specific content for a concept. Content plagiarism may even occur in different concepts. “Say for example if a researcher has already published a paper on general financial aspects and another researcher carries out the work on financial strategies then there may be a possibility of content plagiarism occurrence.”
Methods to avoid content plagiarism
The writer or the content developer must give out their own words irrespective of its complexity and standardization, they must check and analyze with the content as well as its flow towards the concept framed. The content must be written in a simple way as well as must contain necessary jargons without getting deviated from the concept flow. Moreover the content has to be précised and elaborative according to the demand.
Some of the best content plagiarism checker
⇒ Viper Anti-plagiarism scanner
⇒ Turnitin
⇒ Itenticate
⇒ Plagium
ii) Concept plagiarism
Concept plagiarism denotes the duplication of pre-existing concept irrespective of any field. Scarcity or absence of novelty can be witnessed in concept plagiarism. Concept plagiarism is the end result of lagging in unique ideology. “Concept plagiarism happens when a person does not have basic idea or if they lag in-depth knowledge in that specific field”
Methods to avoid concept plagiarism
Initially one needs to understand the basic concepts and then improvise their skill in that particular field. Analytical skills of a person play a vital role here and it purely depends on how person intakes a concept analyze it and brings out new ideas according to the necessity. Continuous updation on the specified field is necessary to create novel concepts, as this one helps a person to deliver a unique concept according to the time.


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