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Research Proposal Guidance

How to Write a Research Proposal

Research Proposal
⇒ The research proposal is used to assess the originality or quality of the ideas and research feasibility.
⇒ The research proposal can be prepared around 3500 to 5000 words.
Structure of Research Proposal
Statement of the research topic
⇒ Write summary of the identified research topic by considering new, present and pertinent viewpoints of the topic. Remember, most imperative part of an research proposal is clarity on the research topic.
⇒ The topic must be explored through appropriate and substantial methods and for which research material is accessible.
⇒ The greatest challenge lies in narrowing the topic down.
⇒ The challenge frequently happens with topics that are still moderately unfamiliar.
Review of Literature
⇒ Write a short and exact overview about the current state of research that is quickly associated with with the own research and specify the name the most critical commitments of different researchers.
⇒ The proposal has to contain a unmistakable and sensible discussion of the theoretical scope or of the framework of thoughts that will be utilized to back the research.
⇒ The proposal has to demonstrate that you are completely acquainted with the ideas you are managing and that you get a handle on their methodological implications.
⇒ The research review should demonstrate an open problem which then will be the rationale for the research.
⇒ State clearly how the own research will contribute to the current research.
Research objectives
⇒ Provide a compact and clear outline of the academic objectives that you need to accomplish through the research.
⇒ The proposal has to show why expected research is vital and to legitimize the exertion of doing the research.
Scope of the research
The extent of the study alludes to the parameters under which the review will work. The problem we try to determine will fit with specific parameters.
This section should lay out, in clear terms, the way in which you will structure the research and the specific methods you will use.
The research methodology includes the following:
⇒ The parameters of the research
⇒ A discourse of the general approach and the reason for embracing this approach
A well-developed procedure area is critical, especially in the event that you plan to conduct significant empirical research. Make sure to incorporate particular methods, not only the general approach.
Expected results and output of the study
⇒ Definitely, we don't have results about at the proposal stage. However, we should have some knowledge regarding what sort of information you will gather, and what methodology will be utilized as a part of request to answer the research question or test you theory/hypothesis.
⇒ It is imperative to persuade the reader of the potential effect of the proposed research. It is compulsory to convey a sense of eagerness and certainty without overstating the benefits of the proposal.
⇒ That is the reason we likewise need to specify the restrictions and shortcomings of the proposed research, which might be defended by time and money related limitations and in addition by the early formative phase of the research area.
Common flaws in proposal writing
⇒ Failing to provide exact context
⇒ Failing to determine the boundary conditions of the research
⇒ Failing to theoretical and empirical contributions of the other researchers
⇒ Deviating from the proposed idea
⇒ Failing to develop coherent and persuasive argument for the proposed research
⇒ Failing to follow proper APA style
⇒ Failing to structure the proposal in order


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