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Phd Literature Review Writing


In The 12B systemTM - Masterclass, the mentors reveals the simple and profound ideology as definitive blueprints, document by document. The 12B SystemTM - Masterclass is a Brick by Brick foundation for your Brand building.


How The 12B System TM - workshop will change your life and Business forever?

The 12B system TM is a simple method that made the following: a) Significantly brought down the working hours for Entrepreneurs. b) Exponentially increased the Income in the business.

Ph.D. Knowledge Diffusion Bootcamp - Chennai

Scientific Research | Research Process | Publication Process

Date: July 08, Sunday | Time: 02.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Venue: Aristocrat, #4, 2nd Floor, Sri Durga Enclave, Natesan Avenue

OMR, Karapakkam, Chennai-97.

Contact: Mrs.Ragapriya - 74492 71790

What is PhD Knowledge Diffusion Bootcamp?

PhD Knowledge Diffusion Bootcamp is exclusively for researchers. An event where you meet with external supervisors eligible for supervision of PhD candidates and who deliver their knowledge pedagogy on how to successfully complete your research.

What should you bring?

Bring your PhD research related doubts/question, problems etc. They will give you solutions.

What will you get?

You will get a clear plan of how you can write a publishable research paper, literature survey; carry out your research methodology, proposal to the synopsis to thesis guidance. You will also be taught how to win your technical viva voce coaching and public speaking challenges faced during your final thesis defending.

Why should you attend this boot camp and not miss this opportunity?

a. This knowledge diffusion is very valuable. They do it for their passion for research.

b. No book is better than an experienced mentor who is willing to teach you face to face.

c. No amount of motivation is useful if you do not know what exact action you should take.

Who should attend?

Come if you are,
a. Planning to PhD.
b. Doing Ph.D. (1st/ 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th or if you are in the extension period).
c. Already a PhD holder and want to know more about research.

What will you exactly get from The Workshop?

  • Complete Blueprints Implementations to run ‘YOUR’ Business successfully (online/offline) (Will be completely tailor-made for you).

  • A ‘Proven’ product to implement in your Business Immediately.

  • Visibly experience increased cash flow in less time.

  • Spend less time in Business and Witness Massive Growth.

  • Continuous business building support after workshop.

  • Learn how to build your business from remote only with just a Laptop / Mobile with internet.

  • Learn to build, grow, thrive and scale your business Bulletproof your business & attain financial independence.

  • This workshop provides will teach you the srick by brick, step by step process to build your business as a brand.

  • The exact blueprint and templates will be revealed and will be given to you.

  • As a bonus take away material after the workshop with which you can refer and build a business as a brand.

  • How to turn your business idea (even if you don’t have one, you will learn to create one), into a lucarative business.

  • How to integrate various systems in business to work for you as a cash machine.

  • How software systems can act as your servant & how you can Thrive your business from remote.