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Internship pedagogy

Research / Project / Internship

We are a passionate and dedicated Software development organization involving in various programs and educational consulting activities, catering to the knowledge transfer needs of students and learned people throughout the world.

1. An Opportunity for you to gain Knowledge Through Us !
Aristocrat IT Solutions is to give life to your own ideas and desires. It gives a great opportunity for students to implement the new research idea for real time research implementation with most modern technical expertise. The fully sophisticated environment develops the ambient skills inside you as a techno.

2. Offering fulltime Research Internship With Us !
a) What can you expect?
A detailed learning experience in real time, thus bridging the gap between your Institute & Industry.

3. Technology taught
Android, IOS, Hadoop, Bigdata, NS2, NS3, MATLAB, JAVA, Dotnet, OMNET++, OPNET, SPSS, WEKA, Embedded System, PHP, and other Programming languages.

4. Free Research Project assistance during your final year
Stage 1: Research Project Titles along with brief Description.
Stage 2: Detailed Research Project Abstracts.
Stage 3: Complete Explanation & Specification of all the Modules Provided.
Stage 4: Review Materials, Technical Study Materials and also the Full Source Code Provided.
Stage 5: Excellent Preparation for all the Research Project Reviews & Viva Voce.

5. If you are looking for gaining knowledge to shine in your career, Aristocrat is the right destination.

Internship Information

The Objective of the Project Internship: Is to enrich the student knowledge in real time technology exposure by experts delivering relevant guided learning.

Internship Details:
Total Hours : 32 Hours
Certification : Aristocrat IT Solutions (P) LTD
Domain Training: MATLAB, NS2, NS3, OMNET++, SPSS, Android, VLSI, Power electronics, DotNet, Java, Embedded System and Cloud Computing and all other domains.
Eligibility: M.E / M.Tech / B.E / B.Tech / MBA / MCA / M.Sc

Screening the students for project work
Explanation on Project Title & Abstracts
Training on Tools & Technique for the respective projects
Supervision on coding part & Execution
Sharing the technical expertise on critical applications
Supporting on project documentation
Communication and Interview Skills
Placement Assistance
Final evaluation & Certification from Aristocrat IT Solutions (P) LTD
Students have to participate in the execution under the guidance of our technical team.
Students will undergo periodical reviews by our prior to the college review.