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General Purpose Technologies (GPTs) emerge and evolve at a slow pace.

Only a few dozen GPTs emerged in history including the internet, computers, printing press and internal combustion engines.

But in this era a sheer number of astonishing GPTs emerged and evolved at a fast pace.

Seven GPTs are going to revolutionize technology and are going to lead us to a future we might have only seen in science fiction movies. These technologies are at the forefront of a new industrial revolution called Industry 4.0.

Through this and changing consumer habits, these technologies will add a minimum of $50 trillion in new value to the gross world product over the coming decade. 

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Artificial Intelligence

Over the past decade, advances in hardware and big data have converged along with deep neural network architectures-to give rise to many new AI capabilities trained with machine learning.
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 Extended Reality

 ( AR | VR | MR )

Extended reality is the catchall term for digital realities that range from head up displays and Augmented reality, to Mixed reality to full Virtual reality. The biggest similarities are the use of headsets to cover the field of vision and augment or replace what we see with digital replicas.
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Though initially built to manage cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain has since evolved to cover use cases where two or more parties need to transfer value in a trusted way without the need for a third party. This generic blockchain concept is also known as distributed ledger technology.
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Internet of Things

The core purpose of IoT is to connect the physical and digital worlds by way of sensors (understanding the world) and actuators (making changes in the world). Big use cases are Industrial IoT and Wearables.
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 Autonomous Vehicles & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

AVs are specialized type of autonomous robots targeted toward the transport of people and things from point A to point B (examples include self-driving cars). Removing humans from the transportation loops reduces cost and risk. It also has the potential to change the structure of cities.
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 3D Printing

A type of additive manufacturing where materials are deposited via computer numerical control. This opens up new kinds of designs, reduces complexity and materials, and allows the printing of shapes that are difficult or impossible by standard techniques.
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Quantum Computing

Machines that will tackle the secrets of the universe that are impossible for today’s computers to solve. Unlike classical computers that have doubled in power every couple of years, quantum computing promises to exponentially double in the same time frame.
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