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Dear Researchers,

This email is regarding the huge number of Publication rejections Researchers face.
The manuscript rejections, (specially in the post-covid recession era, when life’s urgencies & Career growth depends on the scientific peer-reviewed publication) is truly frustrating & hard.
Here are few facts and understandings, that I furnish for you to help you in this tough journey up in the hill of life.
Though we have huge success rates in anonymous, double blind publications that are peer-reviewed & published in reputed journals, few rejections for researchers are heart breaking.
We know this and set out to write this letter.
Here are few facts and understandings, that I furnish for you to help you in this tough journey up in the hill of life.
 1. Post – covid, there is a huge surge of submissions to the reputed journals.

This is due to the fact, that scientific progress, specially in the Ph.D. level Research & Post doctorate level has raised a huge bar of expectations with the university affiliated researchers. Reputed journals are more awake in detecting concept plagiarism, not following Author guidelines, out of scope manuscripts improper referencing, lack of originality, lack of scientific validity, lack of Novelty and few other minor factors.
2. The expectations have gone high due to the exponential growth of future-tech research which are cross Disciplinary & Domain specific. Regardless of the degrees (PhD / Masters / Bachelors) companies and universities now demand credible scientific peer reviewed publications.
Hence the unpleasant act of desk rejection of the manuscript is common.
It is a very deep fact that every published author must have experienced publication rejection at least once in their career. Even renowned published scientists like Albert Einstein & sir Issac Newton has faced numerous rejections.

As you might know, the double-blind, Anonymously reviewed manuscript publication CAN’T be hijacked with any forgery process and at, we are very sincere and we don’t exercise any activities like that. The Scientific Research Publication industry is full of scammers who give false promises with money, Fake tie-up advertisement with scientific agencies, etc. we definitely aren’t one.

Our process at is genuine and involves true professionals who are specially trained to do such tasks for you :). We will support you in way you can’t imagine till your manuscript is published and this is our hearty guarantee. This process requires a lot man hours, intellectual thinking & human Potential.
As you, we are also very much invested & interested in your career’s growth.
Though time consuming (Sometimes even beyond 6 months) our services for you is to,
1. Revise the manuscript for quality till it gets published.
2. Exercise scientific sacredness by not employing any hijacking method.
3. Approach different reputed journals (Third-party genuine scientific publishing houses, ie. Indexed and high impact factored).
4. Improvise on the reviewer comments and Maximize the scope for publication


1. Publication in reputed journals is now a daunting task - So PERSEVERE, don’t give up. Get time talk to us.
2. Invest in the process (Even professional networking platform like LinkedIn proclaim that scientific publication is the number one advantage & as a career edge. (Check out this in LinkedIn for yourself).
3. The beauty of scientific methodology is in the process of publication through peer reviews. Don’t hijack it. or encourage it. Be resilient, Even if you encounter failure.
4. Turn the experience of publication with, into a positive one in the journey of your excellence.
“A Building Nine stories high was once started with a brick” - Tao
Spread the word and achieve excellence.
Kindly understand, that this message is just a heart-pour to seed hope to create a bright future.
Please feel free to contact my team regarding your high impact factor publication & scientific writing works ( All domains ).
Thanking you,

In your service,

With Aristocrat Team,

Dr. Azariah Samuel.

Founder Director,

Only contact us through ph :  +91 9894 595035(WhatsApp only) or
 [email protected]
Scientific Research Guidance and publication is a highly competitive arena for budding researchers and professionals to excel in their careers. A lot of fakesters, might deceive you through fake reviews, contacts & Non reputed – Low impact, Low cited and low cost, publication options. Aristocrat is an established government recognised independent authority & a Leader organization in scientific research guidance, operating with numerous intellectuals & professionals from various research domains. Scientific Research publication success may vary heavily for individuals based on concept novelty and Many other factors. Aristocrat’s guarantees definitive support for elite people with high valour. Exercise your own discretion in this process.

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