Dr.Azariah Samuel
[email protected]
Research division of Aristocrat IT Solutions (P)Ltd, An Data Informatics Organization.
- 10+ years of Technopreneurship - with 50+ employees.
- Doctorate (Hons) - Future - Technology Research. (Technology Excellence)
- Computational Informatics Published Author - Ph.D Researcher. (2009 - 2013)
- Masters of Technology in Bioinformatics.
- Masters of Business Administration - Technologgy Management. (Anna University)
- Bachelors of Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Sciences. (PSG, Coimbatore)
Azariah Samuel is now directing Aristocrat IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, The Aristoverse of Analytics, Informatics, Education, Research, Branding & Software Developement with 50+ intellectual knowledge workers. He regularly mentors Technology entrepreneurs and FutureTech - research enthusiasts.
He is a visionary in AI and deep learning future technologies and its application. He has received the
highest academic accolade, Doctor of letters in honorary in the Feld of technology entrepreneurship
He has served more than 44 thousand researchers in the Fields of Science, Technology, Engineering,
Management, Arts, Humanities, Language and has organized 4 registered Marathons in Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore for Cancer and HIV patients.
His areas of expertise are HR Analytics, Deep - Tech Informatics, Digital Branding, Scientic writing & Research mentoring. He now runs, Aristocrat IT office headquarters in IT Express Highway, OMR Chennai for the past 10 years.
He has conducted and presented over 190+ Webinars and Masterclasses in the future-Tech informatics
& entrepreneurship domains
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WhatsApp: +91 98945 950 35
Write to us:  [email protected]

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Dear Researchers,
Over a decade, we have mastered the art of Scientific research writing & High -Impact Factor publication in Reputed Journals.

Come, Join hands. CATALYZE your Research with our Expert Intellectual Peers.
One to One Ph. D Guidance


WhatsApp: +91 98945 950 35
Write to us: [email protected]
One to One Research Scientific Publication Guidance

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One to One Ph. D Guidance
Are you struggling with scientific Research Writing, Data Analysis, or any form of Research Implementation (all subjects) and Quick Publication in Reputed Journals?
We provide External Technological Pedagogy to reduce your research writing and Publication complexity to make you Doctorates and Happy Published Authors
We understand your frustration with reputed third party scientific publishers
   We definitely know your scientific writing struggles and publication complexity.
At Aristocrat Research, We know you want to be a Renowned Published Scientific Author in Reputed journal
We made 25,000+ Doctorates across 2500+ academic disciplines, Premium and confidential research solutions for elite researchers across all domains
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Your Degree versus Credibility.

1. What do you think is the NO.1 priority to develop professional Credibility?

Ans. Publishing Manuscripts in Reputed Journals on a Novel Research topic.

2. Who can publish the paper?

Ans. Interestingly, regardless of your degree (Ph.D. / Master’s / Bachelor’s / All Domain / Even school Children to publish paper their lifelong Credibility) building your Credibility as a scientific published Author/scientist is a NO.1 Credibility builder.

Join the Community of 250,000+ Researchers Worldwide.

Our Noble Story

Aristocrat has come into this world,a decade ago, with a clear purpose, vision, and mission to serve the knowledge needs of Technology Businesses and Researchers.

We work in AI Deep-Tech cutting edge
modern technologies and facilitate Publishable, patentable, and novel innovative research.

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Your Research Works are 100% Confidential

Care | Innovation | Passion | Trust

Confidentiality is the main key we operate with researchers.

A) Your name, contact number, and email(s) used for communication will be kept in strict confidence and will not be shared or used for any other purpose other than research guidance and support.Reputed journal
B) Your association with us will not be revealed to any third party like research supervisor, your university affiliations and freelancers or our technical employees.
C) The concept / novel idea conceptualized uniquely for your research will not be utilized for any other clients and documents / ideas. Payments you share to us will be archived and saved in strict confidence.Reputed journal
Join our hands with confidence in the Global Knowledge Consortium for Academicians, Research Scholars,
Industry Professionals & Students of All Domains
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1. Note the date, block your calendar & time. Keep a sticky note in your computer
2. Block 90 minutes
3. Come 10 minutes earlier
4. Only 100 Seats are available.
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Discovered new possibilities in scientific
Research advancement to enhance your carrier for the future.

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One to One Research Scientific Publication Guidance

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