Keynote Speakers

Indian Keynote Speakers

1. Dr. Neha Kapoor

Designation: Chief Data Scientist, AI Solutions India

2. Dr. Rajesh Sharma

Designation: Director of Healthcare Innovation, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

3. Dr. Ananya Gupta

Designation: Head of Research and Development, DeepTech Labs Bangalore

4. Dr. Arjun Patel

Designation: Founder and CEO, AI-Driven AgroTech Solutions Mumbai

5. Dr. Priya Singhania

Designation: Professor of Computer Science, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

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Other Country Keynote Speakers

1. Dr. Jennifer Mitchell

Designation: Chief AI Officer, Silicon Valley AI Solutions, USA

2. Dr. Alexander Weber

Designation: Director of Robotics Research, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany

3. Dr. Sophie Chen

Designation: Head of AI Ethics and Governance, AI Innovation Hub, Singapore

4.Dr. Hiroshi Nakamura

Designation: Chief Technology Officer, TechForAll Inc., Japan

5. Dr. Aiden Murphy

Designation: Vice President of AI Strategy, FutureTech Ltd., Canada

6. Dr. Isabella Rossi

Designation: Chief Scientist, Deep Learning Innovations, Australia

7. Dr. Emre Yilmaz

Designation: Senior AI Researcher, TechSolutions, Turkey

8. Dr. Elena Petrov

Designation: Lead Scientist, AI Systems Development, RoboticsTech, Russia

9. Dr. Liam O'Connor

Designation: Head of AI and Data Science, InnovateTech, Ireland

10. Dr. Carmen Hernandez

Designation: AI Consultant, DigitalTransformation Services, Spain

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