International Conference on Emerging Deep Technology & AI-Driven Disruptions in Diverse Industries


The International Conference on Emerging Deep-Tech and AI-Driven Disruptions in Diverse Industries - 2024 (ICEDT-AIDD) is a pioneering event that aims to bring together distinguished industrial experts, researchers, and practitioners from across the globe in the realms of Deep technology and Artificial intelligence. Scheduled to take place on January 20, 2024, this conference will showcase cutting-edge research, transformative ideas, and disruptive innovations that have the potential to reshape various industries.

Thrust Areas / Tracks:

1. Healthcare and Medical Technologies
2. Financial Services and Fintech Innovations
3. Smart Cities and Urban Planning
4. Agriculture and Precision Farming
5. Education and E-Learning Solutions
6. Robotics and Automation
7. Environmental Sustainability and Green Technologies
8. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
9. Transportation and Autonomous Vehicles
10. Augmented and Virtual Reality
11. Natural Language Processing and Understanding
12. Quantum Computing and Cryptography
13. Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge Computing
14. Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization
15. Entertainment and Media Technologies
16. Energy and Power Systems
17. Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
18. Space Exploration and Satellite Technologies
19. Retail and Customer Experience Enhancements
20. Social Impact and Ethical AI

Call for papers topics that cover interdisciplinary fields in AI and Deep-Tech for the mentioned conference thrust areas:

1. AI and Robotics in Healthcare
2. Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
3. AI Ethics and Fairness
4. Emerging AI Applications in Agriculture
5. Disruptive Technologies in Financial Services
6. AI for Sustainable Development
7. Future of Autonomous Vehicles
8. Deep Learning in Drug Discovery
9. AI and the Internet of Things (IoT)
10. AI-driven Personalized Education
11. Deep Tech for Climate Change Mitigation
12. AI in Supply Chain Management
13. Disruptive AI in Marketing and Advertising
14. AI-powered Smart Cities
15. Deep Learning for Predictive Maintenance
16. AI and Cybersecurity
17. Emerging AI Trends in E-commerce
18. Future of Human-Machine Collaboration
19. Deep Learning in Music and Art
20. AI for Energy Efficiency
21. Disruptive AI in Gaming and Entertainment
22. AI and Augmented/Virtual Reality
23. Deep-Tech Applications in Space Exploration
24. AI in Environmental Monitoring and Conservation
25. Future of AI-powered Healthcare Diagnosis
26. Deep Learning for Drug Repurposing
27. AI for Personalized Medicine
28. Disruptive AI in Retail and Commerce
29. AI-driven Assistive Technologies
30. Future of AI-powered Customer Service
31. Deep-Tech for Disaster Management
32. AI and Blockchain Integration
33. Deep Learning in Autonomous Drones
34. AI for Financial Risk Analysis
35. Disruptive AI in Education and Learning
36. AI-driven Precision Agriculture
37. Future of AI-powered Virtual Assistants
38. Deep-Tech in Industrial Automation
39. AI for Climate Modeling and Prediction
40. Deep Learning for Image and Video Analysis
41. AI and Data Privacy
42. Disruptive AI in Transportation and Logistics
43. AI-driven Personalized Medicine
44. Future of AI-powered Social Media
45. Deep Tech in Smart Grids and Energy Management
46. AI for Wildlife Conservation
47. Emerging AI Trends in Human Resources
48. Deep Learning for Autonomous Systems
49. AI in Natural Disaster Prediction and Management
50. Disruptive AI in Healthcare Delivery Systems

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